The Evil Eye

"The Evil Eye" is the story of an Albanian man named Dmitiri whose wife and daughter were attacked many years before the story takes place. The pirates killed his wife and abducted his daughter, Zella. Over the years, his grief and anger turned him into something less than human, and some believe he has the supernatural power of the evil eye: the ability to curse people with just a look.

In the process of helping his old friend Katusthius seek revenge on his brother, whom he believes has usurped his family fortune, Dmitri and Katusthius kidnap Katusthius's nephew, a young boy named Constans. Dmitri feels a strong connection with Constans and protects him from Katusthius's violence, and eventually realizes that Constans is his grandson, and his mother is his long-lost daughter.

The illustration accompanying the tale depicts Zella at the seaside.

"The Evil Eye" engages with the Gothic motifs of abduction, revenge, and lost identity. Although Dmitri does not really have any supernatural powers, by linking the force of his grief with his apparent supernatural ability, the tale explores the transformative power of feeling, particularly grief.

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The Evil Eye, a Tale



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